Yall Niggax
Official Movie


This is a short film that features two music videos into one. Starring Kokane and special guest appearanced by Shaheem Long (Goon), Brian (Nark) & LayLaw (Video call guy)


- Filmed & Edit by Naj @AfrONaj
- Performance by @Kokaneofficial
- Guest appearance by @Shaaaheeem, Brain, & LayLaw
- Beat produced by Sclass
genre: #shortfilm #musicvideo


*A man picks up his phone.. "Whatssup man its going down" Kokane responding on the other line, "Man I'm waiting on you man where you at?" "I'll be there in minute" Koka: "Alright, sounds good" *Man hangs up and drives off [Christopher Cross sailing is playing in the bg] He pulls up at some apartments and get on his phone again [Gil Scott Heron Angel Dust is playing in the bg] "Alright man its going down, you good? Lets get this muthafucka" *He gets out the vehicle and [angle dust plays in the background] Kokane looking towards his son, "he's on his way" Koka and his son get a little startled when they hear a knock at the door. "wh who the fuck is that!? [Koka signaling his son] "Aye aye put that box away in that room." "Go see who that is. Go see who that is!" Malik: [looking out the peep hole] "WHO IS IT!" Man at the door announces his name "B" Koka: B? Venie B?? B Replying, "Yeah" Malik reassuring he is the guy there suppose to be meeting "Whats the password" B replies: "KING OF G FUNK!" Malik looking at his pops, now knows this is the guy.... *he opens up the door. Koka: "what it do partner" B: "Whats up my friend" Koka: "Usually Vennie send um.. uh the other dude...." B: "Its alright" Koka: "Alright, pull up a seat over there man. Aye son bring that box in." B: "thats for me?" Koka: "thats for you partner. try that shit out!" [While B checks out the product, he commands his son to go get the car.] "go get the car son" Koka: "its the best in town." B: [Having have tested it for himself he replys] "Straight up..." Koka: [checks out the bag he brought in to make sure the stuff is all there. while checking it he makes small talk..] "Its a nice day outside aint it?" B responding: "beautiful day umm what'chall doing up here... " Koka: [Ignoring his question doing his finally inspecting of the stuff] "Well it looks like the stuff is all there.. and I know if Vennie sent you, its on point like stacie adams" *They begin shaking hands Koka: "thats how we do business, next time tell Vennie.. don't be playing musical chairs with the people..." B trying to give reassurance: "we just trying to help" [giving off a sinister sneaking smile] Koka: [knowing something isn't right he asks B a question] "man thats right brother, and well what I want to know is, how Vennie new.. new wife doing?.." B: [with a very unassuring reply] "doing fine.. she doing fine..." [Beethoven moonlight sonata playing in the background] Koka: "that is crazy... VENNIE is the last one I seen would ever..." *Koka reaching for his pockets pulls out his burner. "WAIT A MINUTE MF! *pointing the gun at B "VENNIE Wouldn't marrie no MF, hes a straight player!" B: [Knowing the jig is up, reaches for his burner] "who the fuck you pullin!... " *the two starts firing at each other. Koka shoots B in the chest and he falls against the door and side wall and collapses to the floor. Koka in a state of adrenaline quickly grabs the two items and dips out the door, leaving the dead body behind him. *Koka driving [he makes his way to the studio. where he calls up law.] *video calling Koka: "hey, what up fam" Law: "whats good, whats good" [Stumping on words] koka explains to law what had happened Law: "aye aye, I already know, we good we good" Koka: "alright do me a favor, meet me at the lab asap fam." Law: "alright lets do this" Koka: "alright law" *The scene ends... screen blacks out... the song starts...

[1st PHASE]

[Kokane talking] Sclass on the track.. whatssup Law! Know what I'm saying, smoking on some of the best good right now mane.... Ima let these niggax know, have these niggax out mane.. Too much of that BS going on, CHECK IT!

[HOOK] Yall pussy niggax... Yall fuck boys marshmellow nigga, sweater than almond joy you aint gone do shit! all you do is talk shit you got some killers on your side but you a straight bitch!

[VERSE 1] Im a kokane cowboy aint shit change nickname el chappo of this rap game too much bumper to bumper traffick i stay in my lane so im taking over this game like pinking and the brain you weirdo ass niggax yall weird as hell suck another niggax dick and sign a record deal most niggax on the radio been poke in the ass acting like you hetrosexual with a hood pass you got these g niggas down wit it acting like they funny rappers fucking transvestites like eddie murphy I bet your favorite drink is a cherry flavored slurpy ol' barbque smellin buff nigga hiting burbies This game is so wicked how long will it last even contract killers be employed by fags now i dont trust yall niggax stay the fuck out of mines cause niggax be tellin like puffy did sean

HOOK [repeat 2x] Yall pussy niggax... Yall fuck boys marshmellow nigga, sweater than almond joy you aint gone do shit! all you do is talk shit you got some killers on your side but you a straight bitch!

[VERSE 2] goddamn this shit dont make since some niggax thing they the shit when they use to ride the fence all of a sudden you hard, when you never walked the yard sweet r&b niggas rep the gangbang card?? a new industry niggax with 5 min of fame got niggax in cali worn in these streets for nothin mane its bad enough the police split our wigs cuz we killing each other more than the pigs thats why I teach my kids how to be the shooter down to my 10 year old son know how to shoot a roogler awh! zombie apacolypse, you a decepticon but nigga im optamic now im the type a nigga let the pussy sell but you a trick nigga, fixing bill cosby cocktail Hey hey hey

[Kokane CONCLUDES] Thats what the fuck im talking about! 25 something years later, we still digging in yalls chest cavities with this here real gfunk, ya know, you are now listeing to the king of gfunk, yo law... we still law house, #budeboy! *sounds distorts with changing the channel

[2nd PHASE] *Kokane with a cocky laugher Some niggax for jacking for beats but ima jack for a style right here, its all original. yeah, check it!

[BAR 1] Now let tell yall a little story about me, never should of been let out the penitentiary, kokane would like to say, that im a loc'd out nigga from around the way since i was a youth, i make the paper route now im tghe mf that yall read about checking a trap or two, thats what the fuck i do you dont like my hustle then fuck you they call me kokane, in it to win it, my nigga law fuck you up in minute with a right, left, round house would stump ya should known for fucking with the mafia everywhere they go they say damn... that nigga kokane always got it poppin man real nigga that always stay chill I break a bitch and get the money like yeah

[SINGING HOOK] whooo keep on hustln keep on hustln all these haters surrounding me, whoa whoa whooo whooo keep on hustln keep on hustln nothing comes in between my cheese nigga please

[BARS 2] nigga nigga please, being broke is a deadly disease sucker repellent for you wanna be g's how could you figure im allergic to square niggax trick or treat bitch smell my feet, put some mo food on my plate so can eat koke killa and the chinchilla, i put the bitch in the bird like a mf steela nigga im a dope dilla, why you suckin on yo momma titty, i was getting hella busy, i was on the blade getting paid from pomona, yous was just a snotty nose kid on the corna lil bad mf with theirs elbows on the table like cooked supper but im a real hustler seperate the g's from the busters seperate the real niggas from the suckers

[SINGING HOOK] whooo keep on hustln keep on hustln all these haters surrounding me, whoa whoa whooo whooo keep on hustln keep on hustln nothing comes inbetween my cheese nigga please whoo whaa whooa wwhooa

[AANISAH singing in background] Nothing comes in-between my cheese whooo keep on hustln keep on hustln Nothing comes inbetween my cheese whooo keep on hustln keep on hustln nothing comes inbetween my cheese

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