Kokane Presents - The 90's Preview - Episode 1
Mini Documentary


Episode 1 of "THE PREVIEW" a short documentary edited by Naj, where Kokane takes you on a short journey back in time, highlighting some of his Music and Family history, in the Golden era of the 90's, deemed; "The Dawn Of Gangsta Rap" & birth of G-Funk. Here's a glimpse of Kokane's "PREVIEW", which will be televised with a total of 3 episodes.


- Video edited by Naj @AfrONaj
- Directed by @Kokaneofficial
genre: #documentary #series #briefhistory #thepreview #90s

[INTRO] The Preview Legendary Kokane Part 1. Motown Legend, [Smiling Faces written and composed by Jerry B Long Sr., performed by The Temptations plays in BG] Jerry B Long Sr. (Kokane’s Dad), Singer Debra Long (Kokane’s Mom), Jerry B Long aka Kokane, Alicia Long aka Lady Kokane (Kokane’s Wife), starring Najee and Tajee as the “Twins”, starring “The Long Family”…. Smiling faces tell lies they don’t tell the truth…. Episode 1 “The 90’s”

[1991] It all started with the album “Addictive Hip Hop Muzick” Due to the controversy of the name “Kokane” At that time, Epic records was afriad to use the stage name. So they made Easy & Heller change the name of Kokane’s first album to “Who Am I” But ironically, Kokane’s very first single “Nickel Slick Nigga prod. By Cold 187 and remixed by Dr. Dre had appeared on the “Deep Cover” soundtrack as “Kokane” [Nickle Slick Nigga music video play….] “The city, its a cool breeze day, word takes place in the city of L.A., a monazol to be exact, check a bell bottle shirt with a dusty ol’ cap” *Interrupt, Eazy E raps verse “check it out y’all, in the house y’all, so I can show and glow and let the people know, so why don’t you ease on down to the yellow brick road to Compton.” Kokane’s first test of platinum success was when he co-wrote for NWA’s “ Appetite For Destruction” Kokane goes on Tour to London with NWA and ATL. Kokane guest appeared on the intro of “Niggaz4Life aka efiL4zaggiN” album introducing his character “Sweet Talk” After coming back from London, Kokane marries his childhood sweetheart Alicia, In the same year she delivered twin boys Najee & Tajee.

[1992-93] ATL & Kokane “Never Missin A Beat” from the album “Black Mafia Life” Above the Law and Kokane are the original architects of the style of music known as “GFunk” There has been speculation that Dr. Dre’s first Chronic album sounds ironically similar to Above’s “BML” The year was 1992, Ruthless Vs Death Row…, Easy E’s “Neighborhood Sniper” feat. Kokane prod. By Hutch. “Kokane” & “Poor Broke & Lonely” were the only Ruthless Artist on a Death Row soundtrack.

*A rear throwback interview clip is shown of Eazy, kokane, Cold 187, NWA, ATL.. 1993, Easy E’s “Any Last Word” feat. Kokane and Hutch.

[1994-95] Ruthless records releases “Slow Burnin' 22.5 Degrees Fahrenheit” and “Basin Soda Free” from Kokane’s 2nd album “Funk Upon A Rhyme” *Some rap lyrics - so listen little Japanese man….

Kokane played a major role on Above the Law’s most prolific album “Uncle Sam’s Curse” ATL’s “Return Of The Real Shit” feat. Kokane. Above the Law’s single “Kalifornia” feat Kokane.

Kokane and Alicia had their third child Aanisah Long. That same year in 1995, Easy E passes of complications due to AIDS. When Eazy E passed, Kokane felt it was time to move on..

[1996] Kokane landed a new deal with Scotti Bros. and release a song called “4 The E” for the Yella project in memory of Eric Wright…. RIP Eazy E, Original Ruthless fo’ Life. Kokane played another major role in ATL’s “Time Will Reveal” classic album. ATL’s “Gorilla Pimpin” feat. Kokane. Kokane’s single “4 Ryders Only” feat. / prod. Cold 187. 2Pac’s “Fortune & Fame” feat. Kokane.

[1991-] Kokane, 2Pac, & Hutch performed live on Stage Pac’s Hit single “If My Homie Calls” feat. Kokane aka “Sweet Talk” from the “2Pacalypse Now” album. 5 years later… Tupac gets killed. RIP to my lil brother. *No Pain No Gain music video plays

[1997] Kokane had quest appeared on hundred’s of features, platinum and gold albums. LIST OF SOME: brotha Lynch Hung “Loaded”, Eazy E 5150 Wanted, Too Short chase the cat, spice 1, Mac mall, E40, Mac Dre, menace to society, soundtracks. Kokane and his wife have their forth child Malik.

[1998] Kokane hooked up with Street Institute Records. Kokane’s fifth child is born Zaakira M Long.

[1999] Kokane releases his third studio album “They Call Me Mr. Kane” 1999-2000, Kokane joins forces with the Eastsidaz at Dogg House records, through Lil Half Dead. Ep 2 “2K’s” to be continued….

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