@LadyKokane - Big Gipp & Dj Prophet S/O
Album Drop


Big Gipp from Goodie Mob & DJ Prophet stop by to show some love to BudEBoy's Vice President, Alicia Long aka LadyKokane. The gangsta R&B music album "Kokane Love Songs" is out and available NOW!! Also Vol. 2 (2017 sequel release) is available as well. Grab this hot album along with other addictive Kokane music at www.budeboyent.com


- Video by Naj @AfrONaj
- Drop by @GippGoodie & @DjProphet
- Music artist of album @LadyKokane & @Kokaneofficial
genre: #BudEGurl #Interview #AlbumDrop #ShoutOut #LoveSongs


Lady Kokane presents “Kokane Love Songs” album cover appears on screen. *Out of My Mind song plays in background… cover fades to the right hand of screen and Big Gipp (Goodie Mob) and Dj Prophet appear to the left. www.budeboyent.com shows up at the bottom.

@DjProphet: Yo whatup this Dj Prophet [he points over to gipp]
@GippGoodie: This Big Gipp! Whats Hadnin.
@DjProphet: Yo Big ups to LadyKokane
@GippGoodie: Mrs. Kokane! How ya doing sis!
@DjProphet: Alicia Long! much love! Appreciate you.
@GippGoodie: Pomona pomona!
They end the S/O and throw up the peace signs leaving the screen.

*I’ll be Back Home plays in background… Album is available now!

1. I'll Be Back Home 
2. Out of My Mind 
3. Make It Work 
4. Just Cruise 
5. #1 Baby Boo 
6. Lay U Down 
7. Hat off to U 
8. Remedy 
9. Thugs Need Luv 
10. My World

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