"Creating ART & making money are my 2 fav things"
- Naj
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Last Update 9/1/2017
Watch this young female rap artist spit FIRE on this Deez B#tches music video remix to Danielle Bregoli These Heaux. From the I Think I Might Be A Rapper Mixtape. Filmed by Naji Long aka Blacc Vampire3:05
Aanisah Long - Deez Bitches Music Video
Watch the dope visuals and special effects of Kokane's music video El Boo Boo directed by @AfrONaj3:57
Kokane - El Boo Boo
Music Videos
Last Update 9/1/2017
Watch the rock and roll music video CAGED directed by Naji Long4:25
Watch one of my all time favorite videos, Kokane's Time Keep Moving On featuring Mitchy Slick, directed by Naji Long4:52
Time Keep Moving On
Watch Kokane's Yall Niggax, music video and short film directed by Naj @AfrONaj starring Shaheem Long9:01
Yall Niggax
Watch the dope visuals and special effects of Kokane's banger, Plastic Surgery, music video edited by @AfrONaj featuring Short Khop4:05
Plastic Surgery
Watch Kokane's California Classic featuring the Diirty OGz, music video edited by @AfrONaj4:54
California Classic
Watch Kokane's Dear Lord [Reloaded], sub-horror music video directed by @AfrONaj.4:51
Dear Lord [Reloaded]
Last Update 6/11/17
Watch Episode 1 of THE PREVIEW, a short documentary edited by Naj, highlighting some of Kokane's Music and Family history, in the Golden era of the 90's, deemed; The Dawn Of Gangsta Rap & birth of G-Funk.7:59
The Preview (Ep. 1) - The 90's
Pre-order Its kokane not lemonhead album0:59
Lemohead Pre-orders
Big Gipp from Goodie Mob & DJ Prophet stop by to show some love to BudEBoy's Vice President Alicia Long0:44
@LadyKokane Album Drop
Throwback commercial to Kokane's STFU & Cut Da Chk album and contest by @AfrONaj2:40
STFU Commercial
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